International Engagement

Gryphon Scientific works with international partners to build capability and capacity to enhance global health and security. Our goal is to develop and implement innovative, locally-relevant, and sustainable solutions to challenging problems. We conduct research, develop frameworks and tools, and conduct training and workshops in collaboration with partners from governments, multilateral organizations, NGOs, research institutions, and the security sector. These efforts help to strengthen health systems, improve cross-sector and regional collaboration, and address emerging threats.



Improving Information and Sample Sharing for Prevention and Control of Infectious Disease Incidents in the Middle East and Africa

Gryphon Scientific has partnered with government ministries in the Middle East and Africa to develop frameworks to improve cross-border and cross-sector sharing of data, information, and biological samples pertaining to infectious diseases. These efforts include a series of workshops to identify sharing needs, mechanisms, and benefits through stakeholder mapping activities and scenario-based exercises. Workshop outputs guide the development of regionally-relevant sharing Frameworks that incorporate One Health concepts, which can be implemented by ministries to improve national and regional preparedness for zoonotic, transboundary infectious disease threats.

Enhancing Threat and Vulnerability Assessment Capabilities in the MENA Region

Gryphon Scientific collaborated with biorisk management experts in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, and Jordan to plan and implement a series of three training workshops, training over 50 scientists on elements of biorisk management. Activities across the three workshops included country-specific capability and gap assessments, needs assessment interviews, HSEEP-compliant tabletop exercises, train-the-trainer and adult education methods, and the development of five freely available training tools accessible on the Our Work page.

Data-Driven Strategies to Enhance Tuberculosis Diagnostic Capabilities

Gryphon Scientific works with USAID and in-country tuberculosis (TB) program coordinators to collect, clean, aggregate, and analyze data on TB diagnostic capabilities to inform additional diagnostic capability investments. These efforts include collaboration with national TB programs to develop data collection and aggregation techniques tailored to specific country’s needs and blending data science and epidemiology expertise to fill data gaps, clean, and impute data aggregated at the sub-national and national levels. These datasets are used to conduct geospatial and epidemiological analysis of diagnostic capability expansions to maximize the public health benefit of future investment.