Things We Do Really Well

Practice Areas

We blend research, advanced data analytics, and stakeholder engagement to develop evidence-based solutions and tools that address complex global issues, with a focus on health, safety, and security.

All-Hazards Preparedness and Response & CBRN Defense

Gryphon Scientific aims to prevent, prepare, detect, defeat, and respond to CBRN incidents; intentional, accidental, and natural outbreaks of infectious disease; and natural disasters.

Biosafety, Biosecurity, and Emerging Technologies

Gryphon Scientific aims to reduce risks associated with laboratory work on infectious agents and to prevent harm from applications of biotechnology and other nascent technologies by adversaries or rivals.

Data Management & Communications

Gryphon Scientific supports the collection, curation, and dissemination of data and information through stakeholder engagement and creation of thoughtfully designed analytics, data visualizations, and communications materials.

Data Science

Gryphon Scientific uses data science to develop tools and techniques that extract meaning, knowledge, and insight from complex data sets.


International Engagement

Gryphon Scientific works with international partners to build capability and capacity to improve health and security worldwide.