Things We Do Really Well


Gryphon provides a range of creative analytic services, including modeling and machine learning, as well as implementation support, including data coordination, program management, and training. Our core strength and unique capability is science-based research and training with a special focus on biological analysis and risk assessment.

Biostatistics and Epidemiology

Gryphon’s staff includes accomplished statisticians and epidemiologists working to advance strategies for disease prevention, treatment, and control.

Data Analytics

Analytics and data visualizations are core components of how Gryphon analyzes, interprets, and presents the findings we generate.

Planning and Program Management

Gryphon’s expertise includes strategic, continuity of operations, and program-specific plans developed for government agencies, businesses, and sector-level enterprises.

Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation

Gryphon’s science policy analysis and health program evaluations are geared to identify best practices in biosafety, biosecurity, and public health programming.

Risk/Threat Assessment and Biosafety Studies

Gryphon’s threat and risk assessments enhance preparedness for natural and accidental outbreaks and intentional CBRN incidents.

Scientific Data Collection and Management

Using approaches ranging from population surveys to advanced machine learning, Gryphon collects and manages data to support our own analyses or to provide other researchers with curated datasets.

Systems Design and Evaluation

Gryphon has used the techniques and principles of systems engineering to support numerous government decisions on the design of advanced technologies.

Training and Exercise Facilitation

Gryphon’s in-person and online training exercises emphasize interactive, experiential, case-based learning.

Practice Areas

Gryphon tackles the critical issues of science and health policy that surround naturally occurring infectious disease outbreaks and chronic illness as well as accidents or attacks with chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear agents.

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Defense

Gryphon provides risk and threat assessments as well as training and exercises for CBRN preparedness.

Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery

Gryphon assists emergency management authorities in coping with the challenges posed by naturally occurring and man-made disasters.

Enabling Technologies, Synthetic Biology

Gryphon conducts science-based analyses of the risks and benefits of enabling technologies such as synthetic biology.

Healthcare and Biomedical Science

In this domain, Gryphon’s work focuses on developing effective public health programs and protecting the nation’s biosafety and biosecurity.

International Science Engagement

Gryphon engages with international stakeholders to enhance international capabilities for preventing biological threats.