AHRQ Telework Program Evaluation

AHRQ Telework Program Evaluation


The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) commissioned Gryphon Scientific to conduct an evaluation of its telework program aiming to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the program, examine its compliance with Federal and departmental policies, and gauge its effectiveness in meeting the needs of the agency, its employees and its stakeholders.


Using a multi-faceted evaluation, Gryphon addressed the effect of remote work on productivity, annual leave usage, retention, commute, work-life balance, and colleagueship. The final evaluation included approaches to improve or strengthen AHRQ’s teleworking policies. The evaluation consisted of the following components:

    • A benchmarking study to identify key success factors and characteristics of a model program by reviewing the literature as well as telework practices within two other federal agencies
    • The design, fielding, and analysis of an online survey of AHRQ employee satisfaction
    • An assessment of compliance with security requirements through discussions with AHRQ’s Chief Information Security Officer
    • A report on interviews with AHRQ supervisors
    • A cost analysis based on responses to the employee survey and secondary data provided by AHRQ
    • Overall findings and recommendations for strengthening AHRQ’s program


Gryphon provided AHRQ with evidence that their program saved the agency and its employees money, and, overall, the availability of teleworking resulted in a happier and more productive workforce. The final report included recommendations for further strengthening AHRQ’s teleworking program.