Gryphon Scientific Plays a Leadership Role with the Global Health Security Agenda Consortium

The Global Health Security Agenda Consortium (GHSAC) is a collective of academic, private sector, and non-governmental organizations that support implementation of the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) and related international frameworks to strengthen national capabilities for preventing, detecting, and responding to infectious disease threats. The GHSAC is a permanent member of the GHSA Steering Group, contributes to GHSA Action Packages and Task Forces, and leads the Advocacy and Communications Task Force. From 2019 – 2020, Dr. Kavita Berger, a Principal Scientist at Gryphon Scientific, is serving as deputy-chair of the GHSAC, and Dr. Margaret Rush, a Partner and Principal Scientist at Gryphon, is serving as the GHSAC representative to the Stakeholder Engagement Package. Dr. Berger and Dr. Rush are working closely with other members of the GHSAC leadership group and a Steering Committee of approximately 30 member organizations to advance the GHSAC’s mission of promoting collaboration, excellence, innovation, and commitment in implementing the GHSA.