Training and Exercise Facilitation

Gryphon’s in-person and virtual training exercises immerse users in realistic scenarios. Whether we are providing technical advice to state executives on CBRN hazards or teaching protocols for biosafety and biosecurity, we emphasize active, experiential, case-based learning.



Augmenting Biorisk Management Programs in the MENA Region

In collaboration with scientists from the Middle East and North Africa, Gryphon developed immersive training materials on practical implementation of laboratory biosafety and biosecurity (BS&S): a table top exercise on insider threats; a sticky note activity on common BS&S concepts; a mock research review exercise on research-specific risks and benefits; and interactive, e-learning modules on practical BS&S and sample-sharing requests. All materials are available on the Resources page.

Training Researchers and CERTs to Operate in Disaster Settings

Gryphon developed and piloted an interactive simulation to train researchers to participate safely and productively in disaster responses. We are now expanding the training app to reach  Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs).  The app will be created in Unity, a state-of-the-art game development engine, and deployed freely on the Google Play and Apple App Store.

Leading Tabletop Exercises for Radiological Emergency Response

For FEMA, Gryphon designed core scenario elements and led a series of tabletop exercises designed to inform the development of the Federal Radiological Response Task Force concept of operations and supporting procedures. This task force is comprised of multiple Federal agencies that have key roles and responsibilities in a radiological emergency and operate from the FEMA National Response Coordination Center to facilitate an integrated response.