Tim Adams Certified by the American Board of Health Physicist (CHP)

Ms. Adams was recently certified by the American Board of Health Physics as a Certified Health Physicist or CHP. This certification recognizes Ms. Adams’ technical expertise in health physics, experience, and professional judgement, which she brings to her work on radiological and nuclear defense at Gryphon to ensure its quality and rigor.

The American Board of Health Physics (ABHP) is one of the most preeminent professional health physics organizations in the world. To ensure that the health physics support received by both private and public enterprises meets a high bar of competency and ethics, the ABHP certifies health physicist that meet their requirements. Certification requires health physicists to demonstrate their professional experience, judgement, and technical expertise by submitting writing samples, evidence of previous work, and professional references and completing two rigorous exams. Ms. Adams joins a distinguished group of about 1,500 CHPs worldwide, illustrating the impressive nature of her accomplishment.