Planning and Program Management

Gryphon’s expertise includes strategic, continuity of operations, and program-specific plans developed for government agencies, businesses, and sector-level enterprises based upon extensive document reviews and interview-based needs assessments. Gryphon is adept in managing complex government and private sector programs involving senior staff with years of multi-agency program experience who use state-of-the-art program management tools.



Developing an Infrastructure Protection Plan for Public Health

Gryphon led development of the Healthcare and Public Health Sector Specific Plan, the 5-year strategic blueprint for public-private sector collaboration in risk identification, assessment, and management under the National Infrastructure Protection Plan Partnership. The effort included extensive collaboration within HHS, other federal agencies, state and local public health agencies, and healthcare coalitions nation-wide.

Supporting Marine Corps Planning

Gryphon is engaged across multiple enterprise Mission Assurance tasks, including: developing Service Mission Assurance policy, doctrine, and implementation plans; linking risk assessment methodologies across major Service protection programs; supporting the enhancement of the Marine Corps Critical Asset Management System to facilitate senior leader risk awareness and risk decision making.

Planning for a Neuroscience Research Center

Gryphon was commissioned by an academic medical center to prepare a strategic plan for the formation of a comprehensive neuroscience research center. We surveyed neuroscience faculty to learn their needs and expectations, conducted an inventory and analysis of funding sources, held discussions with research sponsors and studied peer institutions to look for best practices in the organization or administration of neuroscience research.