Middle East and South Asia Conference on Epigenetics and Genomics of Infectious Diseases


In 2016, the Royal Scientific Society of Jordan and Gryphon Scientific jointly organized a regional conference on epigenetics and genomics of infectious diseases in cooperation with the DTRA Cooperative Biological Engagement Program and Metabiota. This conference provided scientists throughout the region with opportunities to discuss regional and international studies involving genomic and/or epigenetic effects on host-pathogen interactions, and to explore associated laboratory biosecurity and biosafety considerations. In addition, the conference allowed attendees to interact with each other, fostering new scientific partnerships.

    • PROJECT PARTNERS | Gryphon Scientific, Royal Scientific Society of Jordan, Metabiota
    • GRYPHON STAFF | Dr. Corey Meyer, Dr. Gautham VenugopalanDr. Froggi Jackson
    • FORMER GRYPHON STAFF | Dr. Kavita Berger (Director, Board on Life Sciences at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine)
    • FUNDER | DTRA Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (Gryphon Scientific through Prime Contractor Metabiota) and Office of Naval Research Global (Royal Scientific Society of Jordan)