Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery

Gryphon assists emergency management authorities in both public and private sectors in coping with the daunting challenges posed by naturally occurring and man-made disasters. We develop tools and best practices to help public health, emergency management authorities, and private organizations create efficient disaster preparedness, response, and recovery plans to mitigate the consequences of disasters, deliver effective relief services, and strengthen community resilience.



Supporting the Critical Infrastructure Program

Under the National Preparedness System, HHS has responsibilities for critical public health infrastructure security and resilience to support its core mission of public health and emergency medical preparedness. Gryphon provides support to the National Critical Infrastructure Program including technical risk analyses, readiness exercises and analysis, and various logistical and secretariat functions.

Analyzing Flood Models and Datasets

To inform future planning and emergency management, Gryphon was commissioned by FEMA’s Modeling and Data Working Group to conduct an analysis of models and datasets used across the US federal interagency emergency management community for flood response operations. Through a combination of interviews with subject matter experts, literature research, and network analysis, we identified and annotated a comprehensive collection of models and datasets that were incorporated in an interactive web-based inventory.

Developing a Radiological Emergency Response Plan

Gryphon provided health physics and disaster response expertise in developing a comprehensive radiological response plan for the Radiation Studies Branch of the CDC. A major component involved developing a situational awareness plan by gathering data from stakeholders on their information needs and evaluating the existing tools and data that would be used in the aftermath of an IND.