Contributions to the Community


We’re small, but we believe everyone can contribute to the community. The efforts described below demonstrate our interest in environmental conservation as well as our commitment to social and environmental justice, which we believe are inextricably linked. We support initiatives which seek to ensure freedom from injustice and equal access to a healthy environment that includes access to educational and economic opportunity.

Environmental Stewardship

Gryphon Scientific has been a Montgomery County Green Certified Business since 2016. This certification demonstrates Gryphon’s commitment to environmental stewardship through the adoption of sustainable business practices such as recycling, environmentally preferable purchasing, using energy-efficient equipment and appliances, and practices to reduce paper use. Gryphon also promotes sustainability outside the office by encouraging alternative modes of transportation for employees, donating or recycling used IT equipment, and participating in local sustainability initiatives and environmental events. Through these efforts, we hope to be an example of sustainable and responsible practices for our employees, business partners, and the community.

Left Gryphon Scientific staff participated in the Friends of Sligo Creek Sweep the Creek Event, which involved clearing trash from Sligo Creek waterway and the surrounding Becca Lilly Neighborhood Park.

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Gryphon Green Team | Gautham Venugopalan, Casey Basham, Andrew Taylor, Ana Ruess

Equity and Inclusion

Gryphon Scientific values equity and inclusion and has taken concrete steps to advance these values in our local and global communities.

    • Matching donations. We match staff donations to any charitable organization that works to promote the right of global people to equality and freedom from discrimination, violence, or degrading treatment regardless of race or ethnicity, religion, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or socioeconomic circumstances.
    • Research on systemic injustice. Recognizing that our research skills can be an important asset in the fight to change hate and address inequality, we are committed to pursuing work related to equity and have allocated internal funding for noteworthy ideas on these topics that may not have an available or receptive funder.
    • Supporting the next generation of scientists. We provide financial support to “Letters to a Pre-Scientist,” a science engagement program that focuses on both literacy and science education in low-income schools by connecting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) professionals as pen pals with middle school students.
    • Filling technology needs of underserved communities. Gryphon donates surplus IT equipment we decommission to non-profit organizations to help address inequities in technology access while reducing electronic waste. We were pleased to refurbish and ship a server and routers to a rural college in Bolivia to improve students’ access to wifi, aiding the College’s mission of making higher education and job training available to young Bolivians with access to educational opportunity. Gryphon also regularly donates used computer equipment to local non-profits.