We Are Gryphon Scientific

Gryphon Scientific is a small business with a unique focus on projects that require expertise in the physical and life sciences as well as public health. The energy of our small business environment, as well as our commitment to technical excellence, attracts staff with the highest qualifications and clients who consistently report high levels of satisfaction with our work.

The backgrounds of our staff enable us to tackle projects with complex technical challenges. Staff bring experience in the laboratory and in policy shops as well as hands-on experience in the field. In addition to a level of innovative thinking and creativity that typically exceeds client expectations, we recognize the importance of effective communication and have been complimented on the clarity of our science writing and data visualization.


Rocco Casagrande
Biochemist | focus on biotechnology, biosafety

Dr. Rocco Casagrande

Managing Director
Senior Research Manager | focus on health policy research

Joan Mullen

Managing Partner

In leaving one of the nation’s largest public policy research firms, Rocco Casagrande, Joan Mullen, and Kimberly Legrow founded Gryphon with the aim of creating an organization where scientific rigor and analytic excellence would thrive with no pressure to grow revenues at the expense of technical achievement.

Government Project Accountant | focus on financial management

Kim Legrow

Business Manager and Partner
Margaret Rush
Infectious Disease Biologist | focus on data science and One Health

Dr. Margaret Rush

Interdisciplinary Biologist | focus on emerging infectious disease, enabling biotechnology

Dr. Corey Meyer

Principal Scientist and Partner

Senior Staff

Gryphon staff bring an unusual depth of expertise in the physical and life sciences. Their basic science perspective is complemented by skills in qualitative and quantitative analytics as well as strong communication and research management skills.

Timothy Adams
Health Physicist | focus on radiological and nuclear disasters

Tim G. Adams, MS, CHP

Biologist | focus on international engagement and One Health

Casey Basham

Senior Analyst
Emily Billings
Microbiologist | focus on infectious diseases and data visualization

Dr. Emily Billings

Operations Director | focus on back office functions

Patrick Blais

Operations Director
Andrew Burnham
Virologist | focus on influenza research

Dr. Andrew Burnham

Audrey Cerles
Microbiologist | focus on food safety and defense

Audrey Cerles, MS

Senior Analyst
Biomedical Scientist | focus on medical countermeasures for infectious and chronic disease

Dr. Jennifer Corbin

Kent Duke
Logistician | focus on HAZMAT operations and CBRNE response

Kent Duke

Senior Analyst
Mikaela Finnegan
Epidemiologist | focus on disease risk assessment

Mikaela Finnegan

Senior Analyst
Microbiologist | focus on biosafety and infectious diseases

Dr. Adam Fleming

Senior Analyst
Froggi Jackson
Environmental and Biomedical Scientist | focus on biochemical risk assessment

Dr. Froggi (Shawn) Jackson

Mark Kazmierczak
Microbiologist | focus on food and agricultural safety

Dr. Mark Kazmierczak

Veterinarian | focus on infectious diseases and One Health

Dr. Katharyn Kryda

Senior Analyst
Biomedical Scientist | focus on science engagement and risk assessment

Erin Lauer

Senior Analyst
Laurel MacMillan
Statistician | focus on statistical modeling and inference

Laurel MacMillan, MS

Principal Technical Specialist
Virologist | focus on infectious diseases

Dr. Holly May

Senior Analyst
Glen Noble
Medicinal Chemist | focus on chemical database management

Dr. Glen Noble

Senior Analyst
Data Scientist | focus on data science

Dr. Jim Nolan

Chief Data Scientist
Emergency Management Analyst | focus on chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defense

Lauren Plaine, MPS, RN, CEN

Senior Analyst
Ryan Ritterson
Synthetic Biologist | focus on biosafety and biodefense

Dr. Ryan Ritterson

Robert Stephan
USAF Col (RET) | focus on emergency response and recovery

Ret. Col. Robert Stephan

Technical Advisor/Executive Director
Senior Advisor and Project Manager | focus on emergency preparedness, response, and recovery

Ken Stroech

Principal Technical Specialist
Epidemiologist | focus on infectious and chronic disease, biosurveillance

Louise Sumner, MPH

Stephen Tarnacki
Program Manager | focus on CBRN defense

Stephen Tarnacki

Principal Technical Specialist
Biomedical Scientist | focus on healthcare and biomedical sciences

Dr. Nicole Tensmeyer

Senior Analyst
Gautham Venugopalan
Bioengineer | focus on systems evaluation, analytics, biosecurity

Dr. Gautham Venugopalan

Principal Technical Specialist