Our Work

Gryphon Scientific applies its scientific expertise to some of the most critical challenges facing the nation today.  Six practice areas form our focus on Science, Security, and Strategy:

CBRNE Defense

From its inception, Gryphon Scientific has addressed some of the most complex problems in homeland security. Gryphon advises state and federal governments on CBRNE hazards and countermeasures to defend the homeland against acts of terrorism.

Disaster Preparedness

Naturally occurring and man-made disasters pose daunting challenges to governments worldwide. One of Gryphon’s chief goals is to develop tools and best practices to help public health and emergency management authorities create efficient disaster response plans to deliver effective relief services and humanitarian assistance.

Food and Agricultural Safety

Contaminated food and agricultural products have potentially catastrophic consequences for the nation’s economy and public health. Gryphon helps state and federal governments design systems to protect the food and agricultural sectors against natural and intentional disease outbreaks as well as chemical and radiological contaminants.

Infectious Disease

Accurate surveillance and rapid response capabilities are essential to combat emerging diseases as well as the threat of an intentional release of an infectious agent. By creating models of the spread of infectious disease and the likely effects of various countermeasures, Gryphon Scientific helps policymakers develop effective prevention and response strategies.

Science Policy Research

With advanced degrees in microbiology, virology, biomedical sciences and biochemistry, and years of experience in high tech fields such as bioengineering, nanotechnology and biological detection systems, our staff members have the background and are committed to using their science capabilities to address critical problems of science policy.

Commercial Strategy

We provide strategic planning for healthcare and human service organizations as well as management and business development support to private sector firms in the biopharmaceutical industry.